As many as 1,000 endangered long-finned pilot whales are brutally killed in the Faeroe Islands each year.

This occurs mainly during the summer months during communal hunts that locals refer to as "grindadráp" or simply, “the grind,” but more accurately this practice should be called what it truly is - ­mass slaughter.

The pilot whale grind is similar to the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan, documented in the Academy Award-winning film, The Cove. The main difference, and thus challenge for Sea Shepherd, is that there are at least 23 different coves in the Faeroes where a grind could potentially take place, as opposed to one main cove in Taiji. Sea Shepherd has been actively opposing and confronting the Faeroese grind since 1985 and will remain one of the foremost advocates for these endangered whales.

Operation Ferocious Isles, Sea Shepherd’s ongoing pilot whale defense campaign, was launched on July 15, 2011. Despite a delay in the detainment of the flagship Steve Irwin vessel, the fast interceptor vessel, the Brigitte Bardot and her dedicated crew has been actively patrolling the Faeroes since the launch, preventing a grind from occurring during our watch. The Steve Irwin joined the Brigitte Bardot in early August to continue with Sea Shepherd’s mission of ensuring not even a single whale will be butchered during the 2011 campaign. Sea Shepherd intends to intervene in the grind, when at all possible, to prevent the unnecessary loss of such precious marine wildlife that has no place in modern times.



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